The Best Cheap Makeup

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I have a confession to make: I'm a makeup hoarder. OK, maybe that's not news to most (all) of you as you've probably guessed as much but I just love the stuff. I don't even discriminate over lower prices. If it's a good product I will sing, it's praises for all to hear. Another confession is that if I find a cheaper version of an expensive one and it works just as well, the inexpensive one becomes my new best makeup friend.

On that note, today I've compiled a list of my favorite cheapies. You'll find foundations, mascara, eyeshadow and much more. I promise I have tried all of them and I both own and love them. In fact, I've compiled a complete makeup wardrobe for you. You can thank me later. So go through the list and add your favorites to your wishlist. Each of these is under $10 and many can be had for under $5.

The Best Cheap Makeup 2

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